LBD International offer World Class, Top of the line Security Services and Products. 

1.       Tracking.

  • Asset Oil & Gas.
  • GSM Secure Me.
  • GSM
  • Vehicle Asset.
  • Vessel.
  • Track / Secure Fleet Management.


2.    Fuel Management Automation System.

  • Fuel Tanker Monitoring System.
  • Fuel Monitoring / Tracking Vehicle System – Mobil-Eye.
  • Fuel Monitoring GSM Site System.
  • Fuel Monitoring Remote Tank Sites System.
  • Fuel Consumption System.
  • Remote Diagnostic Online Fleet Management System.


3.   Access Control System. 

4.   Alarm Guard System. 

5.   Anti-Sleep Device. 

6.   Intelligent CCTV Video Surveillance Security System.

  • Intelligent CCTV High Technology Intelligence Security System.
  • Intelligent CCTV High Tech Marine Security.

 7.  LAN Management Security System.

  • PC Virtualization Security System. 

8.  Pipeline Detection / Intrusion Security System DETAILED.

  • Pipeline Detection / Intrusion Security System Summary. 

9.  Misc. 

10. Bomb Detection Non-Invasive Security Solutions.

  • Bomb Detection Entrance / Vehicle Security System.
  • Bomb Detection Z Back-scatter Mobile Vehicle System. 

11. Bomb Jammer Vehicle Security System.

  •  Bomb Jammer Multi-Purpose Systems. 

12. Security Risk Assessment Proposals. 

13. Security Training High Tech Devices.

  • Security Awareness Presentations. 

14. TSCM Proposals. 

15. Secure / Encrypted GSM Handsets.

  • Secure GSM Jamming Equipment’s. 

16. TETRA Radio Systems. 

17. Ropetec ( High Tech Rope Access v Scaffolding ) Agency. 

18. High Tech Mobile Asphalt Equipment Agency. 

19. High Tech Power / Electric Saving Presentation.


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